Since its creation Plant of Life devoted itself to the legal Cannabis industry in all its forms, turning into the most known and competitive company on the European market. At the present time we are also one of the leaders with the most diversity of Cannabinoid products, including CBD, CBG and other minor Cannabinoids.

The company traces its history back to 2010. In that year the first Plant of Life's Cannabinoid extraction took place in Amsterdam .
The goal was to extract Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, from Cannabis plants. It was inspired by what was done before with THC, in the late 80´s, by the true pioneer of the Cannabis research - the scientist Raphael Mechoulam. His historic undertakings were a guiding light from the company´s beginning and on.

In 2014 Plant of Life established itself in Barcelona, Spain. The Plant of Life retail shops that were opened shortly after produced a frenzy as people couldn´t believe the cannabis products could be sold legally and openly. By pioneering Spanish retail market the company saw new opportunities in other countries of the EU as well. The subsequent step was to bring its merchandise to these other Cannabis-hungry markets. Throughout the years a distributor chain was created in UK, France, Austria, Italy, Belgium and many more locations. To appease the ever growing demand a farm was built in Austria where new and better strains were being constantly developed and produced en masse.

Since the modest beginnings and well into the present Plant of Life prided itself on its level of customer support and its originality , furnishing products of supreme quality and outstanding purity. Every product is accompanied by a laboratory analysis, certifying this way the chemical structure and permitting the client to act legally and with ease in a complex reality riddled by European regulations.

Its own genetic strains of hemp confer to Plant of Life the ability to have its proper CO2 extraction processes and a greater quality control, thus enabling supply of products of notable originality and cleanliness for a very demanding market.

The company mission in the future will be making its products even more accesible to the public, through constant improvement of its strains, industrial processes, and ever growing diversity.


Plant of Life Production Facility in Spain
Plant of Life Hemp Flowers Farm in Austria

Plant of Life Distibution and Management Facility, Barcelona
Plant of Life Shop Castellón Asensi 3 St.
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