Plant of Life's first CBD extraction happened with great promises in Amsterdam 2010, at an undisclosed location.
The goal was to extract Cannabidiol, aka CBD, from Cannabis plants - as done before with THC in the late 80's, by the scientist - Raphael Mechoulam.


Since its creation in 2010 Plant of Life devoted itself to the CBD industry in all its forms, turning into the most known and competitive company on the European market. At the present time it´s also one of the leaders with the most diversity of CBD products.
Plant of Life prides itself on its level of customer support and its originality , furnishing products of supreme quality and outstanding purity. Every product is accompanied by a laboratory analysis, certifying this way the chemical structure and permitting the client to act legally and with ease in a complex reality riddled by European regulations.
Its own genetic strains of hemp confer to Plant of Life the ability to have its proper CO2 extraction processes and a greater quality control, thus enabling supply of products of notable originality and cleanliness for a very demanding market.

Plant of Life Main Factory in Spain - Manufacturing all types of CBD Solutions & Extractions
Plant of Life Hemp Flowers Farm in Austria- Manufacturing CBD Hemp Flowers

Plant of Life Shop Jaume St. - BCN
Plant of Life Shop - Nou de la Rambla St. BCN
Plant of Life Grow Shop - Hospital St. BCN

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