Flower of Life Partnership Offer

Flower of Life is a brand especially designed to provide a solution for a tax legalization of Cannabis smoking products in the EU. As more and more countries move towards permitting the hemp smoking (with clearly established THC thresholds), Flower of Life from Plantoflife family presents a great option to be considered. We have flowers, prerolled joints , hash and other products which can be openly marketed and sold in your country of residence with a great margin of benefit. They only need the special tax stickers or stamps to be issued for them.

These products are already sold by our partners in the Benelux. As we look for partners elsewhere we offer great conditions to our potential business associates: we give you initial credit for the products, valuable info and marketing tools. What is expected in return is tax stamps or, more exactly, bureaucratic registration of products in your country and sales of course. Don’t miss your opportunity to become a Flower of Life brand distributor of next generation smoking products. Embark on this journey with us, leave your details here CONTACT FORM so we will be able to contact you.