99% CBG CRYSTAL 250mg


CBG Isolate extracted from a natural Cannabis sativa plant

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CBG is one of around 120 Cannabinoid types present int the Cannabis sativa plant. It´is a minor Cannabinoid, which means its concentration in a grown plant is low, what presents technical difficulties for extraction – relatively a lot of hemp is needed to extract CBG in commercial quantity. This , of course, has its repercussions on the price, which tends to be much higher if compared to CBD.

What makes CBG so interesting and affects its demand are the potential benefits of the material. Research is in progress. Preliminary studies showed promising results, which, if will be supported by further scientific investigations, may lead to future application of the material in therapies for different illnesses. The main body of this research is centered in the USA, and also government bodies there showed interest in the material.

Here are the examples of scientific literature on the matter:

Biochemical Pharmacology  Volume 85, Issue 9, 1 May 2013, Pages 1306-1316

Carcinogenesis, Volume 35, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages 2787–2797

Scientific Reports volume 6, Article number: 29789 (2016)

CBG is not a narcotic substance and not regulated as such, not in Europe, US or UK.

Our CBG Concentrate is its purest form.Extracted  from the natural plant and reaching 90% purity. Beware of Synthetic alternatives – they may have a higher CBG percentage but they don´t come from a real plant and therefore some properties may be lost.

Does not contain residues of solvents
or chemical agents.

Volume: 250mg

As the research is still going on, until now the CBG hasn´t been approved for medical purposes or ingestion in the EU/USA. Consequently we market the product for research/collection/technical purposes only.