Amnesia Haze AutoFem


Sativa 50% / Indica 50%

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Amnesia Haze Automatic was produced in the Netherlands in the 90’s by Hy-Pro Seeds. Stemming from a cross between a feminised Amnesia and a Haze Auto. Differently from Sativa strains like Amnesia  (which takes about 12 weeks to bloom) , Amnesia Haze Automatic is smaller and has a shorter growth time, but offers the same euphoric rush and flavor of the original Amnesia.

For its genetic Sativa is a tall plant with long and thin leaves and buds long and stretched. He likes good food, but without cramming because, like the Hazes, is sensitive to nutrients.

Having a stature of about 80 cm it  gives a good harvest with productivity of up to 210 grams for a square meter.

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