AK-49 AutoFem


Sativa 50% / Indica 30% / Ruderalis 20%


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AK 49 AUTO is a hybrid of AK49 and Lowryder.

It´s robust and versatile. Suitable for cultivation indoors, outdoors, or in hydroponics.

It is an easy to grow plant that produces compact, full hair and very resinous buds. Outdoors it is doing very well in warm climates such as in Italy, Spain or California. Average growth and flowering is 8-9 weeks. Under the right conditions AK-49 Auto can potentially produce more abundant harvests than other self flowering varieties, of up to 50-60 gr., although the average being 30-50 gr. This despite the fact that the plant does not usually grow very large (50- 70 cm)

With a spicy scent reminiscent of Skunk and a sweet flavor of fresh pine, AK 49 is a variety that has a strong psychoactive impact and causes high euphoria.

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