Super Skunk AutoFem


Indica 50% / Sativa 30% / Ruderalis 20%

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Obtained by combinating a Super Skunk with a Ruderalis.  For being a genetic descent from Super Skunk it is one of the most popular Auto varieties among commercial growers and among foodies.

It develops into a small plant, with a compact structure which is very easy to grow without special growing/blooming nutrition. To get the maximum from his strain it’s best to allow its roots a space to spread and develop freely. The result is a plant that can thrive in different conditions, whether it’s outside in warmer climates, in a hgreenhouse, hydrocultured or indoors.  It offers very good productivity, hard and sticky resin covered buds. With the growth time / flowering of 7-8 weeks you can get more than one crop in a year.

It has a sweet aroma with hints of lemon and hashish. The immediate and powerful effect that provokes strong feelings of physical relaxation.



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