White Widow AutoFem


Indica 50% / Sativa 30% / Ruderalis 20%

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AUTO White Widow is a strain Indica plant, the most popular among smokers and producers. Already for two decades does not lose ground against new varieties! It has been awarded in recent years in Holland. It’s a classic sheer variety! The automatic version of White Widow crusade with Ruderalis, but despite its appearance and hybrid genetic effect has mainly Indica.

Like the classical strain White Widow Auto has fairly broad leaves, green and dark colored resin coated. The only deference is the autoflowering growth (growth time / flowering is about 10 weeks from seed to bud). Despite his small stature (50-100 cm between), can produce up to 130 grams per plant, depending on conditions. Easy to grow, even for beginners.

It has an aroma and a similar flavors original version of White Widow, a little citrus and sweet and sour.

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