Jelly Amnesia Haze vs. Solid Sour Diesel 0,5 gr. + 0,5 gr.


Amnesia Haze Jelly 0,5 gr. 22% CBD and Sour Diesel Solid 0,5 gr 10% CBD – 2 in 1.

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Plantoflife introduces the ultimate CBD  deal:

Jelly 22% CBD and Solid 10% in one package!


Our  products are being extracted from the plant completely naturally and undergo extensive laboratory tests to confirm their authenticity and quality control.

Plant Of Life has been working with CBD extractions for more than 10 years. The jelly 22% CBD was launched in 2015. It has a soft pleasant texture reminiscent of plasticine.  A variety of other aromas  are available.

Almost immediately our Jelly caused a furor on the market and today is one of the best selling extractions of our brand. Our Solid 10% has an earthy texture, which is harder than the jelly´s. It can be crushed easily between your fingers.  It also has been available to the public for years already and earned a excellent reputation due to its quality. Also comes in a variety of aromas/strains.

The THC level is below 0,2% as permitted by law. This product doesn´t  contain any psychoactive substance / narcotic material, under any circumstances.

Each package includes 0,5 gr. of jelly 22% and 0.5 gr. of solid 10%. They are arranged in a beautiful double package: inner round box containing the products and outer packaging with a leaflet.

The leaflet contains information in following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. We also provide the complimentary Cannabidiol analysis of the product on the leaflet.