Jelly vs. Solid 1+1 gr. Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel Jelly 1 gr. 22% CBD and Solid 10% CBD in one package.

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Ultimate pair from PLANTOFLIFE:

Available from now in one package: Solid with 10% CBD and Jelly with 22% CBD.

Joining the two will allow you to try both products at once and compare between them.  The Solid 10% is the one with harder presentation, with a namesake texture. It can be crushed with ease and has a yellow/greenish appearance. The Jelly part also received its name due to its texture features which resemble plasticine or clay-like. The jelly comes in very dark green/black color.

Sour Diesel is a very famous strain in the Cannabis scene. Having appeared in the 80s, time when the cultivation was underground and undocumented, its exact origins are unknown. Different sources attribute its birth to a crossbreed of Northern Lights, Chemdog, Skunk.  The strain traditionally has a strong Sativa predominance, with Indica undertones. However, with THC below 0,2%, as permitted by the law, the Sativa and Indica characteristics are irrelevant since they principally deal with psychoactive features while our product is not psychoactive.

The current product is compatible with European regulations which means it has a THC percentage under 0,2. It is extracted from real Cannabis sativa hemp and processed in a specialized facilities in certified laboratory conditions.

As the THC level is almost zero (0,2%), the product is not a narcotic substance /psychoactive material under any circumstances.

Each package of the product includes 1 gr. of Jelly 22% CBD and 1 gr. of Solid 10%, separated between themselves by a special partition, inside a rounded box. The product comes accompanied by a leaflet which features technical information. It also presents a laboratory analysis of both materials. The technical information is in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.