Bitcoin as cryptocurrency first appeared on the market in 2009. Since then there was a steady movement of internet shoppers towards this novel monetary tool. In the first months of 2021 alone Bitcoin value rose more than 50%. In this short article we will try to explain the secrets behind the Bitcoins success and why it should be used as a payment option for CBD products.

Bitcoin is one of the safest possibilities nowadays to purchase online. Since it is not coming from your bank account and is not related to it, one doesn´t expose his bank details. Paying by credit or debit cards, on the other hand, inevitably makes the undesired connection to the payee´s bank and therefore exposes the account to online dangers and hackers. Many websites lack even the basic security algorithms, a fact which can make the hacker´s job much easier. In these circumstances the role of Bitcoin is indispensable.


Besides being safe is also easy to obtain. Different paths are available to do it:

  • It can be bought with real currency.
  • One can choose to receive payment in Bitcoins only while selling or as a payment for some services like blog writing.
  • It can be ¨mined¨ by technologically inclined users with costly equipment.


Why Bitcoin went up in value so fast recently?  People finally realized the potential in this payment tool. As more and more individuals are willing and ready to give merchandise or real currency for bitcoin its importance as a mean of exchange is on the rise. The discretion is another benefit of this powerful tool – the buyer identity is not recorded by banks or governments. What makes it perfect for buying products which are still unduly stigmatized, products like CBD. Legal Cannabis related industry is booming but powerful regulatory actors embodied by different government agencies and financial actors like banks choose to apply conservative attitude in relation to CBD. The producers and customers alike suffer from the consequences. We at Plantoflife have also experienced the difficulty to obtain credit card services from the financial sector.

Since many customers don´t want even their family members to know about their CBD use, they might prefer not to see the payment for the products on their bank account´s statements. Bitcoin provides a perfect solution.


We in PLANTOFLIFE are strong believers in Bitcoin´s important role in online buying experience and urge everyone to join us. Convert your Bitcoin to CBD with us.





Pay CBD with Bitcoin!